fee fi fo fum chicken has a dirty bum

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  1. chuckster33

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    Jan 24, 2013
    hi all , got two hens out of my five with fee fi fo fum i have womed them recenty and always give avi culture 2 once a week im thinking its to much scraps and treats but i would like some suggestions as to what the problem may be? the hens in question are not effected when it comes to laying or general health also 3 of my hens i got from a farm and the other 2 i bread here at home my problem is with one i bread and one from the farm thats my reasoning for thinkin its dietary
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    Feed them regular layer feed ONLY, provide fresh water. Trim feathers and fluff back on their rear end.
  3. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    But how do you go back.. ????
    when bought seperate grAINS... like millet, black sunflower seed, milo, fresh ground non GMO corn, wheat seeds????? Plus a layer feed?????
    AND WAS IS WRONG WITH RAW CANTELOUPE AND WATERMELON, PEPPER seeds ?????? and,occasional cherry tomato ???
    Plus let them out for 30 to 90 minutes in evening to free range for bugs, fresh weeds....
    thanks yall
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  4. mountain mom

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    Nov 5, 2013
    Personally, I dont think there is anything wrong with the feed you are providing. If it was dietary, I would think everyone would have it.
    I have found that some chickens just arent that skilled at pooping neatly. What breeds are they? I have one silkie that always has a messy backside, not pasty but, just messy feathers. And one of our meat birds from our last flock was always dirty.
    As long as the vent is clear and they are otherwise healthy, I think they are probably okay. Just my opinion.
  5. cafarmgirl

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    The OP did not state what they are feeding in regards to "scraps and treats" so in that case, if one suspects an issue could be related to diet then the best way to find out is to eliminate all the extra stuff, just feed a good layer feed for a while and see if there is any improvement.

    If your diet that you listed is working for your birds and you are not having a problem then don't change it. The OP is trying to figure out if he has a problem or not.

    Chickens do often have dirty backsides just because they do. I have a few that have particularly fluffy backsides and need a regular trim to keep things tidy. Other's never seem to have a problem.

    chuckster33: What did you use to deworm your birds?

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