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Nov 23, 2014
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Ok, does anyone have any design plans for feed and water covers/shelters they'd be willing to share? Water keeps getting warm, and the feed wet during rain if I don't put it up. Thanks!
My hubby made a nice sturdy covered feed/water station with 2x6's and 1/2 sheets of plywood.
On each side is a roost bar, too!
He also covered the roof with tar paper and shingles that we had left over from a different project.
Wish I could take a photo and post it but my daughter is at work and she's the one with a smartphone

Don't laugh!
My wife read about some hopper style feeder someplace, told me about it so i thru this together with some scrap pieces of 2x4's and a couple pieces of left over plywood.



I kinda shot from the hip on how big it needed to be for our 17 bird flock (that is ALWAYS growing in size!!!)
But it will hold 100+pounds of feed, we have used pellets, mash, and crumble. Nice thing is the little "trough" the fedd is eaten from keeps spill and scratching out to a minimum, plus its rodent and weather proof!

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