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    Is the date on the bottom of your feed bags the date of manufacture or the best if used by date? How long is the feed good for, after the printed date? I ask because, in February, I bought a bag of Flock Raiser and my chickens started showing signs of illness and feed consumption dropped and stopped within three weeks. I looked at the feed date and it was from November. I got a refund and got a new bag dated January. The chickens are chowing on this bag and their poop is returning to normal! Who is to be held responsible for the sale of out dated feed?

    Thank You in advance for clarifying this issue!
  2. DrMikelleRoeder

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    The date on the bottom sew-tape of the bag is the date of manufacture. Different feeds have different shelf-lifes depending on their physical form. Textured (sweet) feeds generally have more moisture and often also have cracked grains, so we recomend that they be sold within 3 months of manufacture. Crumbles are exposed to moisture more than pellets, so again, we recommend they be used within 3 to 6 months. Pellets keep better, so have a longer shelf life than crumbles or sweet feed. But in all cases, the environment the product is stored in has the most impact on shelf-life. Heat, humidity, direct moisture, being stored in direct contact with a concrete floor or in direct sunlight, etc., will all greatly reduce the shelf-life of any product.
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    Our local TSC has a very bad habit of selling Flock Raiser and Gamebird starter crumbles that are 3-6 months old. There have been many times that I would have used the 30% Gambird, but the date was too old. Can Purina do anything about this, or is this something we need to take up with our feed stores?

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    Our TSC does the same thing....with all feeds and even milk replacer, they just discount the milk replacer and the feed goes on "sale" sometimes.
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    This is something you should take up directly with your stores. Once we have shipped the product, we no longer have control over it. Your store may be willing to work with you to bring feed in for you on an individual order basis. After all, it benefits everyone if the customer is happy and the store isn't having to discount aged product.
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    Have you checked with you local independent dealer about getting the feed you need? Independent dealers will usually get their feed directly from Purina and can get/keep it fresher, whereas TSC get theirs from a TSC distribution warehouse.
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  8. casportpony

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    Welcome to BYC! I've thought about it, but places like that are usually more expensive, plus they're over 30 minutes away. If TSC isn't gonna sell fresh stuff, better for me to buy a different brand from one of the other local stores, which is what I have to do for my peafowl.


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