Feed bill....opinions please ?

I would say there is not a set amount. IMO your feed bill is "too high" when the net draw on your household funds stresses your ability to allocate the appropriate monies to other areas -- bills, groceries, savings, etc. That may be a very small number for some people, a very large number for others.
It depends on your objectives with chickens, pet, hobby, eggs for personal consumption or business? .....and of course how many do you have!
When you cant pay any other expenses. Last month we bought 90$ worth of feed but we havent bought feed in a month and a half.
When you can't pay for your own feed!!!!!! LOL! Chicken feed is $14 a month, rabbit feed was(I dont buy it anymore
) $8 a bag, the dogs are like $24 something a month(raw food) and my horse's feed is like $30-40 a month.
well ussally 36 to 50 dallars a week??? is this normal.......i mean my parents pay for it........buut i was just wondering if anyone elses food bill is high......
I think it depends on what you are feeding (regular feed, organic, treats), how many chickens and what breed, obviously a serama or OEGB arent going to eat as much as a orpington, RIR, etc..
Well, jackrooster, I see that you have over 50-something chickens. Your parents pay in the neighborhood of $36 to $50 per week for chicken feed. At most this averages to $1 per chicken per week -- that's like... chicken feed!

I just feed regular layer pellet.......12.00 a bag..........over 50 chickens divided into 3 flocks......breeds consisted of silkie,brahams,cochin bantams,buff orp,SLW,GLW,barred rocks,black auprs,phenix,EE, 2 RIR's, red shoulderd yomacka, and i think thats about it...?

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