feed deliveryed to your door?

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    Aug 22, 2012
    west covina california
    i live in west covina california. the feed store that we live is in pomona and its kinda annoying to drive that far for feed. is there any place that delivers feed to your door? ideally wed like a feed and straw delivery every month. it used to be we could drive once a month to pomona for feed. our 28 chickens would go threw 3 50 pound bags of laying mash. but now we just had to drive out and buy two more and they switched the bran and so now i dont like it. ideally how much feed should my chickens be going threw a month? we have 28 chickens all ranging in age. i dont know how old the youngest is but i have a picture of her and then we have ones that are laying. currently only five lay eggs. also what is the best bran to feed them? any help is appreciated. i tried googling it and all that came up was a bunch of chicken restaurants near me and somehow i just dont believe they'll be of much help lol.

    the biggest chickens we have are in the back of the picture begging for attention for the boys lol

    this is the youngest. im not sure how old she is her names pip squeek.
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    Sin, MX. now CA.
    I found this site, never ordered

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