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    I could use some help coming up with a feeding plan for my chickens that I plan on showing.
    Right now they're on a layer pellet, blue seal brand. I plan on switching them on 20% crumble, I'll have to go shopping in the feed store to see what they offer.

    What else is important for a chicken, especially one that a person would like to show?
    I have Silkies and Cochin bantams. In the summer time, I pick grass for them because they live in a closed in pen. For right now, they'll have to make it without grass until it starts growing again. [​IMG] We live on a large non-profit farm so it is difficult to let them free range as we get a lot of visitors.
    They get cracked corn daily, and bread. I might throw leftover food scraps out there for them, such as pasta, rice, I've even made boiled eggs for them. They're not too big on oatmeal, maybe they just need to have more to get used to it.
    I was also feeding them black sunflower seeds, the shell-less kind until we ran out. Should I add that with the 20% crumble for more protein? Also, in the summer time the chickies get mixed frozen vegetables and watermelon and any other vegetables we might have.

    I guess that's about it.. Any advice on mixing up a good feed for my future show chickens would be very much appreciated! I am still new to chickens, especially their nutritional needs. [​IMG]
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