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    May 8, 2013
    Do pet quail over the age of 6 weeks still need game bird feed? I am asuming they would be females since they don't crow. But since they might like males any way would they do ok on some thing else?
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    the ideal for layers is 20%

    what most people do is have a game chick crumb and layers mash mix

    so they get the best of both worlds

    for example

    a chick crumb at 30% and a layers mash at 16%

    will give 23% over all and have all the things a laying quail needs

    the way you work this out for anyone that is unsure is add both percentages and divide by 2

    if you mix 3 different feeds for example the add all 3 and divide by 3


    22% Crumbs 16% layers and 8% Seeds

    22 + 16 + 8 = 46

    46 / 3 = 15.3%

    not enough protein then
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