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I got these two from a feed store...they don't know exactly what the breed is. I guess the second chick is a barred breed??? The first is fairly tiny with all black legs and feathers. Please Help!
You're right about the second, it looks like BR. To help identify the first, people are going to want to know what color the feet are -- yellow is one breed, pink is another (I forget which is which). Your description of it being "fairly tiny" leads me to think it probably isn't a Jersey Giant.
Thanks for the response. The first chick is half the size of the rest, so yeah not a jersy;) It has all black feet and legs. Not spot on it, just black feathers. The down is a little charcoal grey.
:)the thought crossed my mind...Just curious what breed out there is all black, black feet and legs. I can't find a banty that fits who doesn't have feathering on it's feet. Thanks for all the input!
All black are black sex link. As the chick grows, it may get more reddish coloring. They are usually quite sweet, too. The other you have is a BR.

Edited to Add: All black can also be Black Australorp, but if it is quite small, probably a BSL.
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:clapUpon reflection...I think the first chick is a black sex link. I saw a picture that was twinsies. Upshot of this is I know it's a she! Thanks for all the input everyone.

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