Feed store grab bin chicks -what ARE they? more pics


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Apr 9, 2012
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:) I got suckered in. The lady at the counter said she had some wyandottes in there but when she dangled it by it's feet and proceeded to tell me that "roosters fight this, hens submit" all credit went out the window. LOL I just thought these two were very cute. My guess is that they are columbian wyandottes. Could be anything, really. There was quite a variety.


ETA: their legs are pink/yellow with yellow soles, and they are straight comb.

update 5/24

New pic, now I'm even more puzzled. Upper wing feathers coming in look the same as the lower wing. Not white as I expected. The only thing I'm certain of is that they are NOT easter eggers. I've found a few pics of chicks that look like this on here but they weren't ID'd.

updated pics 5/29-

Chest and shoulders are coming in white, with some barely visible gray flecks. Upper leg feathers are coming in gray. Back of neck feathering in white. All wing feathers are almost partridge-looking with white shaft? They are more gray/white/black than these pics make them seem, brooder light+uncooperative chicks. :)

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What type of comb do they have? It's hard to tell in the pic, but I think I see a single comb. If so, it's not a Wyandotte. Cute, whatever they are!
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Yeah.... that lady was all sorts of confused. I'm surprised she knew she was selling chickens.

Those are definitely not Wyandottes. I would guess, as they are from the feedstore, that they are most likely some sort of production red. When they feather out more, it'll be easier to confirm.

Hope that helps a bit! :)
LOL. You find all kinds around here. Been looking at chick pictures all morning.. maybe a delaware?

I also searched "wyandotte, straight comb" and was directed back here to a thread where everyone was basically saying that's pretty common of hatchery stock. Should be interesting to see. They're pretty, what ever they are. Such dainty little feet compared to my older chicks at that age!
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I have several chicks that look just like that. Mine are Delaware x hamps 3rd generation. These chicks always grow to be all red and look much like a new Hampshire. I have also had some other reds that looked like this as chicks.
I read some info today that suggested a cross such as that would produce a sexlinked chick. The paler yellow/.white chicks with black and white marking would be male and the reddish blonde would be girls. What has been your experience?

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