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    Jul 19, 2009
    I've seen pics on here of wooden feeders people have made to go in their coop. I've seen some with like a little window to see how much food is left in there, etc. How big does it need to be to hold a certain amount of feed? I use layer pellets.

    Does anyone that has these have pics they could post here or a link to pic?

    Pros & cons of these type feeders? Any issues with rodents & such?

    How high off the floor of the coop would the feeder need to be to keep from getting shavings & such in it?

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    The feeding box can be elevated 6" off the floor. Normally, large fowl can feed well at that height and it helps keep litter out of it. I leave a little kid's sand shovel, on a nail in the coop, just for clean feed boxes of litter, poop or whatever else they decide to throw around.

    My boxes are simple wooden troughs made from 1x6 and 1x4 scrap and screwed to the wall, about 6" off the floor. Since I feed in the morning and again later in the day, the feed boxes are empty at night. No rodent feeding for me.
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    Quote:Sorry you haven't gotten more advice on this. I'll send you back to the top for another try since I can't help! [​IMG]
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    Mar 15, 2011
    Not really following you, but I suspect you want to know some volume calculations????? A lot has to do with how frequently you want to fill it up.

    This measures 5.75 L X 5 W X 8 H & holds about 2 lbs of rabbit feed.


    I made a feeder from a clear apple juice bottle. I can get about 3 peanut butter jars of pellets in there (i pretty much use lots of up-cycled stuff).
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    I made one from some PCV (credit to the great people on BYC)
    I can put about 1/5 of a 50lb bag in.
    I only needed the recip-saw, drill(with hole cuter) and measuring tape.
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    Aug 10, 2011
    Indiana, PA
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    Quote:That's a cool idea!
    I got two long metal feeders at the farm supply store that have rolly tops on them so no one can poop in the feed. I throw out 4 scoops a day. It is never empty for 15 plus chickens.
    I see mice frequently, but don't bait them because my chickens free range, plus two barn cats, two dogs and a donkey who is into everything.
    I keep my feeders in the coop.

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