feeding 3 week old chicks treats


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
I'm a new proud mother of 2 light brahams and 3 barred rocks. I have heard conflicting information about giving chicks treats, such as bananas, lettuse, yogurt etc, at such a young age.
Some say, DO NOT give chicks anything but chick food until they start laying...others say that it is okay to give them all kinds of treats.

Which is correct?
I think it is fine just as long as you limit how much you give them since it is a 'treat'. Some chicks wont really accept new foods - i know mine didn't - until they are older.
My BR chicks are around 4 or 5 weeks old. I have been giving them treats for a few days now. They have had corn on the cob (LOVED IT!!), Watermelon Rinds, Bread and some Mac & Cheese. All while out in the run scratching in the grass and eating whatever they can dig up there. I have also had to refill the food dish in the coop during this time. I will probably pass on treats tomorrow, unless I pick up some oatmeal at the store.

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