Feeding a mixed-aged, mixed-gender flock suggestions?

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    Hey there!

    I have mature hens and a rooster (8ish months old) living with three 9 weeks old pullets. I have set up a "chicken jail" inside the coop for the babies, so I can leave the coop/run open for the adults to free-range throughout the day. Babies are let out after work when we can keep an out on them. So far so good with integration socially, but I want to solicit ideas regarding feeding.

    Pullets are currently on a medicated starter, offered in the chicken jail, and the hens/roo are fed Feather Fixer, via a hanging feeder. Feeding inside works best for our setup, no issues thus far. The babies *really* want to start roosting with the big-kids and I *really* want to get rid of my intra-coop-segregation because I am admittedly kind of lazy and like everything to run on auto-pilot. [​IMG]
    Being 9 weeks old, they could switch off of starter, thus eliminating one issue- keeping the laying hens away from medicated feed, but what are your thoughts on switching? Can an All Flock work? I'm trying to balance calcium/protein to accommodate this mix and pouring over feed options is making me a little crazy.

    Remember growing up when chickens ate whatever chickens could find and they all seemed to do well for themselves? I feel like I'm micromanaging. I used to only worry about the horses stomping the stupid babies that would run all around their feet to gobble up dropped feed. (I was also 10 years old, and didn't have any knowledge of feedstuffs. Ignorance...Bliss.)

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    Most chicken feeds, except for Layer with the extra calcium, are very similar, mostly just have different protein %. Most people with mixed flocks seem to feed a starter/grower, all ages, flock raiser type food (whatever the brand in question calls it) of around 18% protein.... and have shell on the side for the layers. I feed a 20% chick starter pellet (less waste) and cut it with grain if I want a lower protein %.
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