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    What exactly is "grit"? My chicks are 5 weeks old and eating Starter Grower 20% Protein (Purina). I don't know what "grit" is. Should I be giving them grit, too?? They seem to be thriving on this Starter Grower now. I tried giving them a little mint from my garden but they snubbed it. What kind of treats would they like? I have lots of herbs. I love watching them play and grow. Getting chickens has been on my "bucket list" for a long time Aftr 40 years of marriage by husband finally gave in (and I think he's beginning to like them, too!)
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    Quote:Grit is small stones/rocks/sand that chickens will swallow. They store the grit in their gizzards. When they eat, the food passes through the gizzard and the stones help the chicken grind up their food. You do not need to supply grit if the chicks are on starter. When you start adding treats grits will be needed by the chicks. If you free range they will get the needed grit from the yard.
    Treats- almost anything you would eat they would appreciate as a treat. Keep it chopped small enough for them. Small diced or shredded vegetables, pasta, rice, cheese, meat, egg, bread, fruits etc. Keep treats to less then 10% of their diet. The starter has all the nutrition they need. You may need to offer treats repeatedly, chickens can be afraid of new things.
    Congrats on getting chicks & joining us,


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