feeding babies and older chicken


Aug 28, 2019
can I mix grower feed with egg laying feed. I would like to add my almost 12 week old hens with the flock. I dont want to make either them sick or mess up their egg production.
:welcome :frow I use grower pellets which will work for all ages of birds. I usually start my youngsters (pullets) on it at 2 months. Good luck and have fun...
You can feed everyone an all flock all the time with oyster shell on the side and it will cover all ages well.

Any time you switch feeds (even you mixing feeds), there is a chance you will see a temporary blimp in production, I feel like I might see a drop in eggs for 2-3 days sometimes. Chickens are funny like that.
I wouldn't mix feed until 16 weeks old.
I would feed all, Hens and Pullets just Grower feed till Pullets are 16 weeks.
Then mix 50/50 till they start to lay. In the meantime offer Oyster Shells for the hens. 20181214_095753.jpg
I feed a Non-medicated Start & Grow 18% or a All-Flock/Flock Raiser 20% with Oyster Shells separately after 10 weeks old, throughout Adulthood. Oyster Shells separately. GC

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