Feeding Baby Chicks

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    Mar 14, 2013
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    I intend to make my own chick feed; should I grind all grains and seeds, if so how long? When can they start eating whole grains and seeds? Can chickens crack sunflower seeds like other birds and if so how old do they have to be? I would appreciate any info anyone can provide. Thanks for reading this note.
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    If you want to make your own feed for chicks try to stay away from shelled seeds unless they are ground up well. I use chick starter but in a pinch I will crush grower pellets down to little bits, trying to resemble a crumb, a little cracked corn, not too much as it is fatty.Crushed barley I add in. Just make sure the chicks are getting their calcium via crushed egg shells or other supplements that contain calcium.

    Just for the sake of making sure the chicks get a good start I rely on the chick starter... just to be safe. I also avoid the medicated chick starter. Heard a few stories so I never tried it ever. Anyways that is me. Others here probably have better ideas than mine. Here is a link you may take a look at.... Steve Recipes for homemade starter and grower chicken feeds

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