Feeding Breeder roosters.

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    Hi. I have decided to start breeding White Leghorns and I want to know how to properly feed my breeding roosters. I know that if you want healthy, strong and fertile roosters you don't just feed them layer Mash. After all, rooster don't lay[​IMG].
  2. cluckcluckluke

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    Can anyone help??
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    Dec 14, 2013
    I dont feed mine anything special, he eats 16% egg pellet and last year i had 90% of my eggs hatch.
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    A ration suitable for egg production, is not necessarily satisfactory for the breeding flock. To obtain high hatchability, the riboflavin content of the feed must be greatly increased. This is provided in milk, or specially prepared commercial breeder concentrates or balancers. Extra Vitamin D is required over the amount in laying rations. See Ration No. 1, 3 and 4 (page 29) for suggested amounts of milk, fish, oil, etc. Note that the daily feeding of clover or alfalfa leaves is recommended in all cases. Any change in feed must be made gradually. The flock should receive the breeder diet a full six weeks or two months prior to saving the first eggs for hatching."

    By the way, if your cocks comb is frost bit or has cold damage he will be sterile until the damage is fully healed. This is just one good reason to dub straight combed breeds like white leghorns. Most of us know that hens need X hours of light every day to lay with maximum reliably. But a rooster needs the same light stimulus to produce the maximum amount of semen.

    As for deficiency diseases brought on by eating corn there is a bad one called Pellagra that is caused by eating too much New World Corn that has not been treated with lime or lye.


    Don't click on or open the above link if you have a weak stomach. Pellagra is not a pretty disease.
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    Thanks georgeto.
    Do you specially feed your breeding roosters?

    Does anyone add extra protein like meat meal?

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