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    Sep 25, 2016
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    Hi so I'm a relatively new chicken owner and my chickens are about 4 months old so they're going to be laying pretty soon. I have seen people who say they feed their chickens a little bit of dry cat food for animal protein during the winter months or if they're molting (which my chickens are). However, I don't show my chickens or anything, I just raise them for pets and I was wondering if I should start giving them a bit of dry cat food. Also, if I should are there any brand recommendations? Thanks :)
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    I'm by no means an expert but I feed my girls some dry cat food once a week as a treat. I buy a cheap brand but always look at the % of protein and sodium printed on the box. You want high protein and low sodium. I soak a good handful of cat food in water for about half an hour or until it swells up and goes soft. The girls go crazy for it.
  3. Cat food is okay......I feed grower to my Birds during the molt....Then once the feathers are coming in nicely I mix in the Layer 50/50 once laying begins again.....


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