Feeding catfish food to your chickens?


Bama Biddy
9 Years
Mar 31, 2010
Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
I have lately heard several members talking about using catfish food to supplement their chicken feed. I am wondering how many are doing this and what affects you are seeing. Please share any experience, knowledge, or reservations you have on this practice.


Circle (M) Ranch
10 Years
Jun 1, 2009
I'v been using a fish "pellet" for going on 10+ years now.
A lot depends on the feed that you are already feeding and what out come you will see.
If your using a "low end" vegetarian type feed and you start supplementing with a good fish "pellet" that has at least one type of animal proteins in it you could see a world of difference in you fowl.
Anything from improved feather growth, better sheen to the feathers, improved weight gain, better egg production, less feather pecking, less cannibalism etc.
I myself use a high end fish pellet that is designed for carnivorous fish and I saw a difference in my fowl even with me feeding a mid to upper end poultry feed that contained animal proteins.
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