Feeding chicken to the chickens?


12 Years
Feb 10, 2010
Marion, NC
I have two leftover fried chicken breasts that I want to give the girls tomorrow. Do I need to pull it apart or can I just toss the entire breast into the run?
Just toss it in, They will pick at it till there isn't anything left but bones. You can just take out the bones later. I do it all the time. Thanksgiving is a real treat. After I pick off what I want I just toss the carcass in the coop and they have at it. Nothing goes to waste.
Toss and run....


You guys make me wish I could do that - it would be so lovely, but I have a thieving dachshund who would find a way to get those poultry bones. He already steals melon rinds (or pieces before the birds make the into only rinds!) and tomatoes and things he thinks should be his.... only because I gave them to the chickens!

Luckily, he hasn't figured out what's so tasty about BOSS. He DOES try to sneak some chicken feed now and then. Little bastid.
Am I the only one who thinks feeding chicken to chickens is strange? I can't bring myself to do it . . . and my boyfriend gets freaked out when I feed them scrambled eggs (which I can totally justify).

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