Feeding Chickens and Ducks Fruits, Veggies and Bread


6 Years
Jul 5, 2013
Do any of you feed your chickens and ducks almost diet entirely of Fruits, veggies and bread? I have so much produce and bread I could feed my laying hens completely on this diet, and was wondering who already does that? Pros and cons? I am looking for people who are already doing this for feedback.

Also, I was thinking about buying some cornish x to raise this way too...... thoughts?
Bread is not very nutritious for chickens, and this diet doesn't have much protein. What would be their protein source?
My birds free range, so they are forever finding ants, flies,grasshoppers and the like to eat also, all day every day.........
The best answer is try it and see how it goes. You may not have as much egg production as a bird on mostly commercial feed, that would be the first thing to go. I have feed available and can't free range anymore, but I supplement as much as I can with kitchen/garden scraps. I feel it's important for a bird to have a varied diet, personally. You'll just have to go by your birds, their production and overall appearance. If they're healthy looking, active, with good feathers, then you should be good to go.

I do agree you might need to supplement protein, depending on the weather and such.
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