Feeding chickens chicken?


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
I know that it is debatable whether or not to feed chicken to chickens. DH is very much opposed but I'm not sure where I stand.
That's not what this post is about.

I just made a big pot of chicken broth. Can I give the chicken carcass and veggies to the chickens? Do I need to worry about them eating little bones and choking? It's just so much food to just throw out, yk?
I give my chickens the chicken carcass after boiling for soup too. Never any problems.. and they LOVE it. They get so much more off the bones than I take off.. it amazing. I'm all for it.

I live in Wyoming, USA at 7,200 feet.. not much season for bug growing outside.. so they don't get much of their protein from a purely natural source. I see nothing wrong with that small amount.

If you had a place you got lots of leftover chicken as scraps for your chickens.. I wonder if they would have a problem with the majority of their protein coming from their own kind.
They will not choke on bones or anything. Anything that mine have attempted to eat and couldn't get down...came back up before being totally swallowed (large grape - scared the crap out of me...large chunk of bread another time). Mine pick at bones/carcasses, sling them to get the meat off.
We occasionally give ours scraps of chicken leftover from dinner, as long as it is not heavily seasoned. It felt a little creepy feeding our chickens chicken at first, but they love it and it is a good source of protein for them.
I give my chickens leftover meat scraps, chicken soup, roast chicken, roast beef, any bits of meat when I do fridge clean out. I try to clean the fridge weekly so that nothing is bad, that way I'm able to give them the leftovers instead of throwing everything away.
We eat healthy so none of our food is overly salty and never processed.

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