Feeding chickens in winter

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    Dec 15, 2014
    Hi I am feeding my chickens layers pellets an am getting no eggs the average temperature is about 4 decrease Celsius. I am wondering i f I give my chickens some mixed corn in the evening if this would have the chance of increasing there egg production. And if so please tell me how much I should be giving them each. :) hope someone can please help.
  2. It isn't likely the cold. It is probably the lack of daylight, at least if you're in the northern hemisphere, this time year. We're down to only 7.5 hours of daylight here and that is not enough for nature to say to the brain/hormone system of the bird, "Lay eggs!!"

    You can "fool" the bird's system by provided artificial lighting supplementation. Most folks use 12-15 hours of lighting to keep production going. That's a choice you have to make. Others, take a natural approach and just let the birds rest.

    Again, it isn't the temps, it's more likely the darkness.

    A touch, a touch of corn won't hurt. But, just a handful, in the later afternoon. It isn't a balanced feed and the birds need to remain on their feed formula as per usual.
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    As Fred's Hens said, corn may give your flock some extra calories to burn, but may actually decrease your egg production if it throws off the balanced diet your flock needs to produce eggs if not given in moderation.

    Your birds are not laying as usual do to other variables, such as increased darkness or molt.

    Do a search on supplemental lighting, many opinions, separate the opinions from science.

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