Feeding chicks mealworms as a treat...


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Newbie question...we are raising 5 white leghorns...they are a week old and doing great! It's surprising how quickly they grow!
I would like some advice from more experienced owners...we would like to begin giving them treats on a daily basis, which I understand from this forum can be done at 1-2 weeks...I purchased a small amount of moist mealworms to try, as I have read this is often a go-to supplement for birds...so, any advice on how much to feed them? Common sense tells me that it's up to the chicks, but I just wanted to make sure...thanks in advance!

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Dec 16, 2011
I wouldn't offer them in a dish 24/7 for them, as a supplement. Chickens/chicks LOVE mealworms and will eat them like crazy! I'd give them a couple from your hand if you want them to be hand tame, or sprinkle some around in the shavings for them to scratch for.

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