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    do you think that it would be cheaper if you made chick starter versus just buying it at tractor supply or somewhere like that? If you have any ideas where I could order the ingredients i really would like to try to get my feed bill down thanks.

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    Do be careful when making poultry feed- when they get vitamin deficiencies it isn't pretty. A poultry nutrition book or careful searching online would be good. You can purchase vitamin premix Fertrell I think? is the name of it.

    Make sure you give them very short grass clippings early on for vitamins (and chick grit or sand sprinkled over the food like salt). They will need grit to digest grass/whole grains. Older chickens need some gravel from the soil or purchased grit. They will need oyster shells when they are laying if you mix your own feed.

    I have learned that soy (I buy organic chick starter) does help with weight gain and egglaying as opposed to soy-free mixes. Meat scraps are even better!

    What I do is mix 1/3 organic chick starter and cut it with 2/3 grains and seeds with greens for vitamins to hopefully end up around 15% protein. BUT for my chicks I feed straight org. chick starter. They need 20% protein at first. When they get to a couple of months old I start cutting the starter slowly.
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    Do I need to give my chicks grit if they're eating some grass now, as a treat aside from their medicated chick starter?
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    Yes, if they are eating anything other then their chick starter they will need chick grit.

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