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We have 3 chicks that will be five weeks on Friday and one chick that will be 3 weeks on Thursday. I have heard that you should switch to pullet grower at 6 weeks, and a couple people said around 8 weeks. I was wondering (since our chicks are two weeks apart) if we could switch them to pullet grower when the little one is five weeks and the big ones are seven weeks. Or instead should we switch them at 6 and 8?
Thanks for all the help in advance!! :eek:)

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I would leave everyone on the Starter/Grower or Chick Feed as long as you can afford it. We feed our entire flock Starter/Grower (21% protein) and give oystershells to the layers with no problems, so you don't ever have to switch feeds unless your Starter/Grower is medicated, in which case it becomes useless to feed after 8 weeks.


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Unless the starter is medicated, there's really not enough of a difference in the feeds to stress over it. I always went by whenever the bag was empty and it was close to time to change, I changed. Being off a few weeks really doesn't matter.

Now, I do as the above poster. I feed everyone an all-in-one, similar to starter. Mature laying hens, roosters, newly hatched chicks...they all get the same feed. Kitchen scraps, egg shells and oyster shell when I think of it go to the layers. Everyone is quite healthy and if they laid anymore eggs I don't know what I'd do!

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