Feeding Ducklings

Morning Ang,

Our Purina dealer said that the Start n Grow medicated that I'm feeding the chicks is fine for the ducks too. The medicated Purina feed is NOT toxic to them and they've been doing great. We're going on 4 weeks now and they're growing like weeds.

First and foremost: DO NOT GIVE THEM MEDICATED FEED! These feed formulations are meant and developed for chickens. medicated water supplements the same thing.

I feed my ducklings an Honor product called Duck/ Goose/ Chick Nonmedicated Starter Grower. I kept the egg layers on that till 20 weeks then put them on a layer ration. Any starter without medication and around 21 percent protien should do, but i like a little courser grind for them.

The meat ducks I switched to a Turkey grower crumble at 2 weeks, and then a pellet at 6 weeks. At 9 weeks they were about 10 pounds.

Ducks will shovel their food rather than peck and found the 1 gallon plastic ice cream tubs work the best for food and water after a couple weeks. In my duck brooder I have a 2 foot square cut out at one end and placed half inch screen, with a large pan underneath. Ducks are VERY messy drinkers, and you will have forever wet litter if you dont have a drainage system.

Once the ducks leave the brooder I use 3 gallon rubber tubs with 2x4 wire cit out and covering the tops so they cant use their drinking fountain as a toilet as well.

Hope this helps.
Thank you, Professor! We have had adult ducks before and a couple of ducklings last year. They all got taken by a predator last summer. I never knew if I was doing the ducklings a favor by giving them chick starter or not. I am so glad that I found this forum!
I've always raised my ducklings on Purina Start & Grow medicated. The amprolium in it is not a medication even tho it's called medicated.....it's a preventative against cocci.
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That's what the feed store guy told me so I went with what he said. I figured he knew what he's talking about. And my 3 are doing great like I said above. Thanks for reassuring my Katy.


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