Feeding during Mareks infection

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    Oct 22, 2014
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    Hello folks.

    Looks like one of my growing babies has Mareks - she has her adult feathers at least. I found her collapsed on one side, spraddle-legged, with cold legs. She appears to be suffering from progressive paralysis. I've been trying to keep her temperature up with heating pads, and have water with honey in it, and chopped boiled egg next to her. What else can I try giving her that will give her energy without being too hard to digest?
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    Honestly it's ideal just to keep her on a Grower or Starter crumble if she'll consume it. It offers ideal energy for her - lots of people try to offer their birds special foods like greens or treats when they're sick, but that stuff just doesn't contain the proper nutrition and isn't going to aid in recovery. If you do feed any additional supplements remember to keep the amounts small, and be sure to feed nutritious things. Cut back on any and all scratch, and avoid whole grains and corn in general. Eggs are good, as is cat food, or even a few small bits of meat or fish (e.g. tuna or ground beef). Bread soaked in milk is good as well. Sunflower seeds are OK too. Again, keep it all to smaller amounts - you want the majority of her diet to be commercial ration.

    I'd also recommend adding electrolytes and NutriDrench to her water, and make sure she has plenty of it.

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