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    Jul 19, 2011
    I am new to the joy of chickens, my flock is only 4 hens. The girls have recently moved from inside to the outdoor digs just 10 days ago, and are allowed to strutt their girly stuff around the back yard about 5 hours every afternoon. They are happy to get out in the afternoon and happy to return to their home when it is time. They come when I call the chick chick chicken but, only Houdini comes to her name. I think the other 3; Nugget McNugget, ColSanders McNugget and second breakfast McNugget don't find their names all that amusing and refuse to respond. (We are also care takers of young adults who found naming them too fun).

    A freind brews beer from organic hops, barley and Malts. Is it safe to feed the girls with the Detritus, spent hops? I haven't read anything here about the subject, and suspect the girls will love it. My concern is that they are still young, only 9 weeks old, and want to be a good flock partner. So, what is the ruling? Give the girls the spent grains? or not...
    Thanks in advance

    Any assistance provided would be wonderful and graciously accepted.
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    Yep - I do. However I'm not sure how much nutrition is left in it after the brewing process so I don't give too much at a time. They seem to enjoy it though.
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    Nov 1, 2010
    I feed my chickens the spent grain from a local brewery. I have around 60 chickens and feed nearly 20 lbs per day. the grain does not have the hops in it as that is added after the removal of the grain(i think that is how it works). the protein level of the grain is between 20 and 30 percent but the chickens will not lay on the distillers grain alone. I still have to feed them a couple pounds of store bought layer pellets, not sure what is missing. If you have access to the grains that is wonderful. I have a lot of jealous friends, I get around 1500 lbs per week for my cows and chickens. In these times of high grain prices it helps to have it. I have never tried the hops though, the brewery once gave me fresh hops(they normally use pellets) and but by the time I got them I thought they were spoiled so I put them in the compost instead of the chicken coop. Enjoy the free food!!!!
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    Jul 19, 2011
    Thank you so much for the information. You are right, the hops are not included, only the grain. What do I know, I only drink the stuff, don't make it... My girls scarfed the grain like they hadn't eaten in a week. So, good nutrition or not, so long as no harm is done, I will augment my girls feed with the wonderful donation from my brewer freind.

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