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Which is better? Giving keets and chicks 28% protein turkey feed or 20% medicated chick starter? I've got one lone chick that survived hatching today, and I'm getting a few keets tomorrow. They'll have to grow up together. How should I feed them?
Use the high protein turkey starter; the higher protein won't hurt the chick.

You can a small amount of turkey starter with Amp added to use the first two weeks, if you have had a history of pasty butt on your chicks.

Another option if you do get pasty butt is to add small amount of oatmeal to feed and 1 tsp OACV (organic Apple Cider Vinegar) to a quart of water. Make sure you use glass or plastic waterer. DO NOT USE METAL.
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Thanks for posting this jossanne. I've been wondering the same thing. I have two chicks which are about a week old, and keets that were hatching today. I'm going to try and give the chicks to a broody hen but if she doesn't take them then It'd be easier to keep the chicks in with the keets.

And thanks Munchies for answering the question
Thanks Munchies. Now I'm waffling on whether or not to get keets. I've been reading so much negative about them, and I'm not sure we want to create problems with the chickens or neighbors... so no new keets today, but maybe soon.
I can tell you that I have had NOTHING BUT positive when i raised my keets and chickies together. They all roost in the barn, they all free range during the day and NOT ONCE have I had a problem with them fighting or chasing.

Now, the Guineas will chase each other relentlessly, but they will not chase the chickens.

If anything, the chickens will chase the Guineas.

You should read up on Guinea Fowl, really they are not that horrid to have around. They are NOT like a chicken, but they can be a nice addition to your flock.

I am actually leaning toward making a flock of Guinea Fowl for next spring. I am seriously thinking about reducing my chickens and replacing them Guineas.

I will always keep my hens, they are here for life. However, i have some rare breeds and some barn hatch lings that I could let go.

I am getting 5 "french" Guineas this coming week. I have browns, pie balds, pearls, whites, royal blues and lavenders in my barn.

Here is my favorite pic ( from a Guinea website).


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