feeding kingworms?


10 Years
Aug 19, 2009
hi all, just curious if kingworms are a good treat food for chickens? i know people culture mealworms, but i can get an awsome price on 500 packs of kingworms at a local pet store (and would like to try growing them as well). i know they have very hard carapasses (sp?) so i dont know if they are any good for chickens
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i only know them as kingworms but it is possible they have other common names, they get just over 1" and are like giant meal worms
king or super worms are great for chickens
they are not as easy to raise for oneself i found take way longer
like 5 months to get to adult stage
but when the pupate is the issue you have to pull them out and house them individually other wise the one not pupated will eat them
other wise raise them just like regular mealworms

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