Feeding maggots?

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    So I have seen this question on here before if it is "ok" to feed chickens maggots and or farm maggots to feed your chickens... But as opposed to asking if it is "ok" to feed your chickens maggot, because I have seen mine eat them and everything else they can get ahold of as they free range this is my twist to
    The question... Who has done this and what can you tell me about how it worked either in a good or bad way for you? And if it did work what tips can you give out, how often you feed maggots... What would you not have done or done differently... Let me know, just curious as this point , thanks everyone

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    I would check out Harvey Ussery's experience with feeding maggots as he had success for many years and then an outbreak of botulism. I think it can be done in a healthy way if you are careful, but that in some cases you can have a stroke of bad luck. He now advocates for black soldier fly larvae instead. Indeed, I have grown these in my compost since my compost is often full of large clumps of chicken remains. The ducks LOVE them, the chickens go NUTS for them, and the birds actually seem all the healthier for it.

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