Feeding meaties..ORGANIC/GMO free??

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by rehric00, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. rehric00

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Do you have to feed broilers starter/grower when they are young, as if you would with layers? Or can you start them on the same feed you plan to use when they get bigger?

    I ask because I found someone on craigslist that sells a more healthy (not completely GMO free) chicken feed... I would like to stay away from commercial brands and feed my birds the best food- well because, you are what you eat, right?

    Anyhow- I would like these guys to be as healthy as possible and if you do your research, you know they put some crappy stuff in our food, makes you wonder what they put into livestock feed...

    So the big question (sorry about my rambling) can I feed the little guys and gals just anything, or do they need a starter feed for a while?

    Also- do any of you recommend or know where to get a more organic feed for a reasonable price? This guy on CL sells his for $15 for a 50# bag... but not totally organic...

  2. ChickenCanoe

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    They can eat anything but ideally should have a higher protein feed till about 5 weeks.
    I have a 16% organic grower feed that I add fishmeal (60% protein) to for birds that need more protein. I try to get it up to about 22%.
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  3. rehric00

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    Apr 3, 2013
    Thanks,,, how much do you pay for your organic feed? All I have found is around 40-60$ per 50lb bag :(
  4. Paul Ewing

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    Feb 24, 2010
    Boyd, TX
    I have just switched to a GMO Free, No Soy, and No Corn feed for my pigs and meat chickens. This was a big decision because of the cost increase. I am paying $19/bag from broiler feed and $16/bag for pig feed in six ton deliveries. The broiler feed is 22% protein and I plan on using it till processing like I did with my conventional 22% feed.
  5. BattelSyrup

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    Jan 29, 2013
    Not to worry, although lots of activists try to use fearmongering to make us think our food is dangerous when it is not, most of the stuff is bunk not backed up by any form of science. To answer your question directly, meat birds need a higher-protein feed at the beginning for skeletal growth that will allow them to carry the weight as they grow. A typical broiler starter is about 24% protein and many drop down to 20 or 22%. You can use higher protein yet. Some use a turkey starter.

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