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is there a feed that I can feed my goats and pygmy goats the same feed? like can i feed them both sweet feed or all stock maybe even 12 percent horse feed?
Yes you can but not really necessary. Plenty of hay, water, and free choice loose minerals will do. I only give a grain type feed if the goat is in late pregnancy, lactating, under weight, or just for a treat once in a while.

Be careful when giving new feeds and changing feeds, they can get diarrhea real fast and loose them pretty quick, do the change in small amounts and work up to larger amount after being on the different increases for a few days at a time to give there digestive system time to get use to the new feed.

I would use goat chow or just a plain type grain...like cob unsweetened.

ETA: I would not give horse feed to goats.
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why would horse feed hurt the goats? the co-op where I live says its fine.. same ingredients basically.. I have been for almost a year and all my goats are fine and healthy looking.. they even told me that its fine to give the pigs as long as i use 12 percent..
traybo wrote:
is there a feed that I can feed my goats and pygmy goats the same feed?

Did you mean to ask if there is a feed you can feed to both your pot belly pigs and pygmy goats? If that was the question, then I would say the answer is "No". Pot belly pigs require their own special feed----the one I buy is "Mini Pig Feed"---that is their main food sourceand I give them a few vegetable/fruit or bread/cereal treats (no meat at all). They should not be fed regular hog feed that you would give to your farm hogs-----it doesn't have the proper amount of protein and they can get fat on it.

As for my pygmy goats, I have given them goat feed, sweet feed or All Stock. I only give them about 1/3 cup each twice a day------they can founder just like a horse if given too much grain. arabianequine is right----it's not necessary to give goats grain at all.​
The copper requirements needed in goats do require a specific feed. Google 'goat nutrition' and you will get loads of information on this.

Good luck! And keep 'em healthy!
They maybe fine on it but it might be luck for now.

I am pretty sure there are some differences in the percentages of things that goats need that horses don't and etc. There is a reason they have different feeds made for different animals.

Like someone already mentioned with the copper goats need a certain amount and the horse feed may not have that amount in it, horse feed may have more or less copper then what goats need. I don't have any horse feed right now or goat feed so I can't look for you but do some research.

Make sure you are also offering free choice loose minerals to the goats.
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