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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by RHewitt, Feb 1, 2009.

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    If you take your chick starter feed and blend it into a fine mix like cornmeal, your chicks can eat it much easier and get a head start on the nutrition they need. I kept noticing that new born chicks where picking up the larger pieces and dropping them. They seem to large for them to swallow so I put some in my blender. The chicks eat it like crazy and waste much less feed as well. I sent this idea to a poultry magazine and they published it. I am sharing this with the forum to help others get their chicks healthy and happy faster. Give it a try, you will be pleased with the results.[​IMG]
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    Thank you this will be much help on the 23rd YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for your suggestion!!! [​IMG]
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    I'll give it a "whirl"... or a "buzz"!
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    I absolutely agree!!! I noticed the same thing...mine were picking up the crumbles and then dropping them...so I've been putting the crumbles in my Magic Bullet (just a couple seconds, not completely powdered) and now they eat like little piggies. They are growing sooooo fast!

    Also, I bought a Frizzle yesterday (umm, impulse purchase, long story...LOL) and I was told she is about a week old. That means she is only a few days younger than mine, and she's TINY...seriously, half the size of my chicks. I noticed that she was being fed crumbles that were not ground up smaller, and I think she hasn't been able to eat enough because of that. I hope she goes through a growth spurt with her new easier-to-eat crumbles [​IMG]
  6. We have a coffee grinder just for this purpose. It works really well and the chicks get fresh starter about a fourth cup at a time.

    Also, we switched to hamster waterers with a red end on it. Use the double ball bearing ones, the chicks figure it out pretty quick.
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    TX, I actually use a Magic Bullet as well they are cool. I mentioned a blender since most people would have one.

    You are right about your new additon not getting enough to eat. Last spring I ordered some bantams and lost several after a few days. After carefully watching them I noticed that crumble size problem and decided to belnd up some feed. Never lost another one and they ate it like they where starving. Maybe they where. I really feel we should all share this knwoledge to help others avoid chick loss. The manufacturers should offer a starter feed made for the first few weeks until the chicks are large enough to eat full size crumbles.

    Thanks for your feedback.
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    I've been feeding Fiona (my TINY new frizzle) the ground up crumbles and a little hard-boiled egg since Saturday afternoon, and today she is looking great [​IMG] She's a feisty little thing running around and playing with the big chicks. I was worried about her being so small, but now I think she'll be fine.
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    If Fiona is that energetic I am sure she is healthy and will do just fine. Take care!
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    I use medicated Starter/Grower crumbles and have never had any problems with any of my chicks. I only lost one chick but it was sick when I got it and wouldn't eat or drink no matter how hard I tried and it died at 4 days old. All of my other birds are healthy and happy. My first to start laying was 17 weeks old. My babies are now 16 weeks. Time for more chicks.

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