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    May 13, 2011
    Hi all!
    So I am relatively new to chicken farming and to BYC [​IMG] My hubby and I own a small piece of property a little over an acre, where we have 2 horses, 3 rabbits, 4 dogs, and 9 barred rocks, 7 Buff's orpingtons, 3 EE's, 4 Production Reds, and 2 delawares, and 5 Khaki campbell ducks. I have a few 2 yr old hens, 2 yr old rooster and 4 month old hens that I want to try to feed as natural as possible. Every day everyone gets let out of their pen all day to forage till dark when they all head in for bedtime, I usually mix some layer crumbles, cracked corn, oyster shells in their feeder for them every night ( along with water) They also get any approprate human leftovers ( they love strawberry pancakes!) scraps, and "help" the horses eat their oats and hay. I want to get away from the layer crumbles, and give them feed that we can maybe grow here. Any advice? I just LOVE my birds LOL

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