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    Sep 28, 2012
    My fiance seems to think that I should not feed laying mash to my pullets year round because it will "hurt" their egg laying cyle. Does anyone else feed laying mash or grain year around or do you avoid it period? What is a highly recommended brand or type of chicken feed to feed these guys? Also, any treats that these guys like? (i.e fruits, veggies, etc). I like to give my animals a variety of foods so they do not get tired of one food. Anyone else have food suggestions other than scratch and grain? I am a vet tech but we usually don't see these guys all too often and I am fairly new to all this [​IMG]

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    As a treat I give them lots of things, but something new that I do that I've never heard of anyone else doing is Top Roman Noodles without the spice packet... they love it. I let them soak for a little while in warm water to soften. They believe that they are eating worms....
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    I do not feed laying pellets/ mash/ crumbles until the girls are squatting. Usually, my girls will start laying soon after they start squatting.
    Layers has calcuim and starter does not. There are folks out there that says too much calcuim early in the developement of the chicken is bad. Layers is also lower protein. The chicks need the higher protein for all the growing they do.

    Treats... they will eat anything. I feed mine collards in the winter and what ever extra I have in the garden in the Spring. In the summer, I offer watermelon. Chickens love terriozing a head of cabbage too! I use pieces of bread for training treats. When I teach my birds to follow me I toss a trail of bread.
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    [​IMG] there is a Middle Tennessee Thread too if you want to join us over there [​IMG]

    If your pullet are NOT laying, don't feed layer feed. Once they start laying I feed layer feed all year. If they are molting and not laying, I might give them pullet grower, but usually I don't change there feed. I don't think it is a good idea to change feed.

    I also don't usually feed treats, like scratch. The feed is best for them. I will give them garden left overs, lawn clipping (mulched so they are small) and mealworms. Treats should be kept to minimum so they get all the nutrition they need that is in the feed.

    I also think a meat based feed is better than soy.... JMHO I use Tuckers Layer Feed and will be making a complete switch as soon as I can. They use PORK for the protein and make a high protein feed, I like that for my breeders.
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    O really? I sure will as soon as I figure out my way to navigate over there![​IMG]
    Thanks for the advice, I am learning slowly but surly.

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