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Sutherland sammy

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Mar 17, 2018
Sutherland-scotland uk
I'm a bit confused about the rate of protein I should be feeding my quails...i've read it should be high..like 22/28%...i ordered a feed on line..specifically for quails&organic...only to discover it's only 11% !!...
Any suggestions on how to supplement or should I just get new stuff?..thanks.
11% is way too low. Maybe you should contact the company to check it's not a typo, but that would be unusual. Growing quail will need a gamebird starter with protein around 28%. This is to support their physical growth and feather growth. They grow and feather up so fast they really do need that protein. You could possibly add cricket flour but that would be an expensive option.

Any ideas?
I keep quail quite happily on chick crumb aand an organic chicken feed when growing on...they manage perfectly and I supplement with fish twice a week ..I’ve found quail food overpriced and unnecessary ....they also love a bit of scrambled egg❤️

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