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Apr 25, 2010
Hudson Florida
Hello from Hudson Florida.

Where I live, we have lots of Red Tailed Hawks and Coyotes so we don't let the girls run free. (My neighbor lost all her girls because of this) I know my girls get the best food the feed store has but I also give them fresh grass, some fruits and veggies. I also give them crushed shells to help with digestion. They have access to food and water all the time.

My question is, because they don't get to run free and eat all the grass and what ever else they find to eat, is this healthy for them? Do they need to run free to be the healtiest and happiest? I have an extra 10 x 10 x 6 kennel and I was thinking I could herd them into it and move it so they can eat fresh grass. Its the closest thing I can think of to give them a little variety while protecting them. Any thoughts?



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Mar 25, 2008
There have been many a chicken that has never free ranged and been just fine.
It sounds like you are giving them a good variety and if it's not safe for them to run free that is all you can do. Mine used to free range all of the time, but only get out every few days now due to hawks, foxes, coyotes, ferrel dogs, etc...

If you want to move that kennel around, that would be fine too but I will warn you now that you won't have very much grass left in the spots you move it too. They will scratch it all up and eat it all being confined to that one space.

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