Feeding questions regarding 8 week old pullets from a newbie!

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    I have an assortment of 8 week old leghorn, welsummer, americana, golden comet, buff brahma, rhode red, barred rock, and speckled sussex. I am picking them up soon and I have a few questions:

    What is the best brand and type of feed available for them to eat?

    Should I be supplying grit at this age?

    How much food grade diatomaceous earth should I be putting in their food?

    Are there any other supplements I should pick up to give them?

    Should I keep their food and water in their coop or in their pen that is attached to the coop? ( I have a 5 gallon bucket waterer and PVC feeder)

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    Any brand will be nutritionally complete. You should be feeding a grower or start and grow type feed. At 8 weeks, about 18% protein is good.
    Read the bag, there will always be feeding instructions on it. Each manufacturer knows what is in their feed and the birds it is intended for.
    You should offer grit at all ages unless they are foraging in areas that have a wide range of hard, sharp pebble sizes.
    Grit is cheap so provide it. By 8 weeks, you can offer #2 grit but probably best to get #3 (adult grit) since they won't go through much and there are some smaller pieces in there.
    You don't need ANY DE in their feed.
    You could use some probiotics.
    You can offer some scratch grains but only a small amount and if you do, they definitely need grit.

    Keeping food and water in the coop allows them to eat and drink early before you open it up. They won't eat or drink during the night. Food inside also helps to prevent wild birds from eating it.
    I like the water outside so it can't make bedding wet and doesn't add to humidity in winter. Winter humidity contributes to frostbite.

    Make sure they have lots of ventilation. 1 sq. ft. per bird is good.
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