feeding rabbits weeds?

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    I have had rabbits for years and have always fed them weeds from the garden and mint. I was talking to a lady at the market and she told me that greens make rabbits sick! The kits never get greens until atleat 8 weeks but the adults get lots, they spend a lot of time in the summer/spring an dog crates eating the grass and weeds, also each rabbit gets a good size handful of mint. They also eat pellets and hay( feild cuttings). I just do see how they are going to get the runs from greens?? although the lady knows my feeding practices she still wants 3 femal and a male:) the thing that also bothered me is that she had asked a few times if I was sure they were NZ whites! I should have said that they were mini nz's lol.
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    Greens are good for rabbits, but if you give them too much when they aren't used to them, they can get diarrhea. Their digestive system needs time to adapt to a different diet.

    I've always given my rabbits a lot of fresh foods. I just start them out slow and increase the amount over time. I give unlimited hay, too. Since my rabbits have always gotten a lot of exercise, I've never had to limit pellets. I know other people that do.

    Some people don't think rabbits should have fresh foods or hay. Everyone does things their own way. I think the extra nutrients and fiber are good for them.
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    Greens make the rabbit sick, AHA [​IMG] And this is why, children, there is such a lack in cottontails and domestic rabbits. People who feed green foods kill them all.

    My rabbits, from the second their born, to the moment they leave my place have access to fresh greens, in addition to their regular pellets and grass hay. They especially love fresh mints, parsley, basil, peppermint, spearmint, etc. A lot of people prefer to wait until their at least four to six weeks, then offer then slowly. Mine usually have some fresh Dandelion, grass, or a bit of mint to nibble on. I don't heap greens on them, otherwise they wouldn't touch their pellets, but they do get them throughout the day.

    The ONLY time I've lost a kit to the runs was early in keeping rabbits, my second or third litter, I let the kits have access to cubed alfalfa (very bad idea). Out of a litter of twelve, only one kit died this way. The others, unfortunately, I lost to a genetic disease the seller chose not to mention when she sold me the pregnant doe.

    Heres a list of rabbit safe veggies and fruits:
    Nurtrion and such:
    Good and bad foods:

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