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7 Years
Sep 1, 2012
I am having a hard time determining whether the protein ratio is good for my 6 week old flock. I have mixed the basic recipe minus the corn, kelp and oyster shell with 15 pounds of corn and soy free chick starter to make the transition. I also added 1 lb of pumpkin seed for worm control. They are spending at least 5 hours a day outside so I thought that they would burn enough energy running around and keeping warm as the weather is changing in northern IL that it would be okay to give them the higher amount of protein a little early. Still waiting for my kelp to arrive so I hope I am not depriving them of that in the mix. Any help would be appreciated.
That recipe was my inspiration to start mixing my feed.

At 6 weeks they might have trouble with some of the larger seeds like pumpkin seeds. I'd be cautious about including that in your protein calculation.

I have started to keep on feeding my organic chick starter as part of my mix, since I have found out that I get more eggs and they gain weight better with a little organic soy.

Do you have any salt at all- if not you might add just a touch of table salt to make the mix 0.5% salt. The kelp is salty (I think 10% salt???).

Also make sure they have grit through the winter if you have snow. You might have to buy some #3 cherrystone grit (sharp granite grit) from the feed store. Also oyster shell when they start laying.

You can see my signature line for what I am currently feeding. Enjoy your chickens!
Thanks! My kelp arrives in the next couple of days and I willl add it right away. They have been eating my mix for four days and I haven't noticed anything unusual. I have been wondering about the grit as well. Thanks again!

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