Feeding secrets for 4h/FFA show turkeys

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by momof2lil1s, Feb 25, 2014.

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    I have a high school daughter that has raised turkeys for three years for her school show. We are finding it very difficult to compete with the 75+ turkeys that are entered into the show each year because NO ONE will share their feeding "recipe". We are finding that people hold on to those things like their gold! Even after their kids have graduated and moved on from showing.

    With that being said, does anyone have any secret ingredients they'd be willing to share? We've been told to do hard boiled eggs with the crushed shells and we did that, but still didn't even place in the top half.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    I think and this is just my opinion that it begins with the line that you start with. Genetics will play a major role in a winner. Are you buying locally, from a hatchery or a breeder? I think if a person starts with substandard quality turkeys, then they will have less a chance to win as opposed to top of the line-top quality breed/line. After you have chosen a top of the line breed, then your feeding program begins.

    And I"m no expert. This is just my thinking, so I could be totally wrong.

    Check out this link that explains feeding program for turkeys for competitions.

    Producing Turkeys for Show

    Raising Broilers and Turkeys for Competition

    What breed of turkey does she have? What are some of the breeds of the winners in 4H? What percentage protein do you feed them? Do they free range? If so, how many hours during the day?

    Please check out these other BYC threads about this similar topic.



    Do you have pics of your turkeys that you can post? What about pics of the 4H winners?

    I hope this helps. Again, I'm no expert. These are just my opinions.
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    All the kids that enter the show have to get their turkeys from the same place to make it fair. They are probably not your higher quality bird but we're all in the same boat as far that goes. They are all White Holland turkeys and they are only allowed to show hens. We were feeding them the Home Show Chow turkey starter, which I believe has 28% protein. They weren't free range because we had to keep them in a pen at the barn that is provided by our school district. There is the option to keep them at home but we didn't have a place to do that. However this next go round we are going to keep them at home. I just know bits and pieces of different things people feed their turkeys. Like I've heard of people feeding a mash of lard, rice, beans and some other things, but I don't know proportions. Thank you for the links you posted. I will check them out.

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