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    Jan 6, 2015
    A little while ago i decided i wasn't happy with what i could get locally for feed and decided to mix up some of my own. I started by adding a 5 grain scratch mix from tsc into my Dumor layer pellets i normally use. After a while decided i could come up with something better than just millet, cracked corn and oat groats. i started adding safflower seeds, black oil sunflower seed, whole oats and lentils. I then saw better feather quality and they became very shiny. They also had better face and comb color. i still wasn't happy with the way there bodes were filling out so i added greens like collards and kale. There was no huge difference other than the fact that my wallet was not very happy!! Thats when i found kicking Chickin. By adding just a tiny squirt each feeding i saw better pre and post molt color as well as much better feather quality and they seemed to fill out their bodies much better. I also add electrolytes and vitamins to their water 5 days a week, apple cider vinegar twice a week and probiotics once a month. Their poop became much more formed and they were much more active. As i get nearer to a show i add more scratch grain and just a tiny bit more kicin chicken. During a Show i feed only a little so they will strut there stuff for the judge not sit in the corner fat as ticks. But not so little they are scratching through the litter looking for food!! Remember to follow your birds cues when figuring pout what to feed them. I hope this was helpful i put A LOT of research into it. I will update as it changes. Thanks!! - Madviolin <3 :)

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