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    Sep 6, 2017
    Hi I was wondering if I should feed my snowbirds the same that I feed my egg layers.
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    Hi, welcome to BYC! :frow

    What kind of birds are your layers and your show birds?

    Many people who show their birds will give a higher protein feed, up to 28% (labeled game bird feed). They do this because feathers are made of 90% protein and the amino acids that make it up. So it gives the feathers a fuller and shinier appearance is my understanding. Anything above 30% would be considered detrimental.

    I personally feed 20% protein feed to all of my birds with oyster shell on the side for layers... because I have a mixed age and gender flock. Also heavier breed or so called dual purpose hens like barred rocks do well on a little more than the standard 16% that most layer feeds contain. It has been shown to give better hatch rates and chick vitality as well which is important to me as a breeder, but also says my family is getting better nutrition than the BARE minimum. :confused:

    As long as you don't diminish the protein of layer by giving treats, it is fine. And you show birds will do fine on it as well... if we are still talking about chickens.

    Show dogs also get a little more protein, maybe 5% more. :pop
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