Feeding slowed.


Jan 21, 2018
Olympia Washington
My chickens have really slowed on eating their feed and also their egg production. I have 13 hens. I was getting 10-11 eggs daily and now just 6. I feed Purina Layena pellets and toss out cracked corn and scratch daily, along with veggie scraps. Is there a way to increase their food intake and egg production?


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Jul 16, 2015
How old are your birds? It's completely normal for production to slow and stop this time of year. Many need some recovery time. Some people use lights to get more production over winter.

What's the protein content on that feed? Daily minimum requirements is 16% which many layer rations are. Adding extras like you are doing will dilute the protein intake and you can get less production.

If you feed a layer it should be the only thing they eat. If you want to add extra than it's best to find a feed with higher protein so you hens get enough protein daily to keep up production. I recommend 18-22% protein to avoid deficiencies.

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