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    I wasnt sure where would be the best place to put this post. So please forgive me if you browse everywhere and this is double for you! I am just trying to get as much knowledge as possible!!!

    Ok so I have a coop of free range chickens. They are strictly my egg layers and some of the kids 4H chickens when they arent getting in shape (feather wise) for show. My freerange birds are HUGE heavy and healthy . Last spring we started buying different breeds and eggs to hatch. We have a bunch. But I have noticed that most of the birds are lighter and not as heavy as they should be. We have had freerange chickens for a long time. Never had any problems with weight most are actually quite plump. The chickens in the coops are not starving but I am having a hard time getting them to fill in all the way. I figured that would be true for the really heavy chickens as the Giant Cochins are not something that we have ever had before. I imagine even freeranging they would eat alot . But even the Polish seem a little lighter than normal and the others. They are all over 6 mos and we are feeding them Flock Raiser by Purina. I am staying away from the corn because a few of the girls chickens started to get that yellow tint to thier feathers. We also give them cut grass each coop usually once every week to week and a half. (A full lawnmower bag I am semi lazy there . ) We had a suggestion from the kids 4H leaders to give them horse poo. So once to twice a week they get a good scoop or two of horse poo. Thanks for any and all extra help !!

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    horse poo??? EWWWW I had never heard of that [​IMG] I can't imagine trying to feed my birds poo of any kind!
    The free range birds could just have higher metabolisms than your other ones...thus resulting in leaner bodies...
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    I don't feed my chickens poop but I'm sure they have eaten some along the way. I have two flocks of chickens & both flocks range but at different times. But one flock stays out about 4 hours longer than the other. The flock that stays out longer looks thinner but is actually a heavier bird if that makes sense.
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    Is it possible that you are dealing with worms? That could explain the lower weight.
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    ha...horse poop...here is my scoop on poop....LOL

    I have a horse who always poops in the same spot against the barn..she had about an 8 in deep swath of poo, I knew I was going to have to go
    out and rake it away from the barn...not so fast! The chickens found it and went to town!! They cleared it all away from the barn, now I am
    talking a 25 foot length of barn, 8 in deep...UNDER the poo, WORMS! They went crazy.....

    It's just mixed up grass and such...can't hurt them! They also dig around in cow patties as well!


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