Feeding The Flock Steer Ration....Is This A Good Idea?


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Feb 11, 2012
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My wife and I are taking possession of a flock of Bantams and they have been raised on cracked corn and what they find while being out of the coop. We have actually eaten some of their eggs and find them quite tasty. However, another friend has suggested that we add some steer ration to their diet. He claims it will make the eggs even better and the chickens even healthier. We're new to this and appreciate any thoughts you may have on the subject.
Well, free ranging chickens can make up for some deficiencies and just having cracked corn does leave many. A steer ration feed probably is better. A good poultry feed would be best, especially when the pasture is not good. What you do depends on what you want out of the chickens and what you have on hand. If you want eggs, the better the diet is the better they produce. For lawn ornaments, they can get by with less. Do you already have the feed for the steers or would you have to buy it? If you have to buy feed you might as well get chicken feed.

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