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    Before I got my flock of hens, I really enjoyed feeding the wild birds. My grandmother was a real bird lover and I kind of do it in memory of her. I try to sort of minimize it now because of the risk of my girls contracting whatever the wild bird might be carrying. However one type I still feed are woodpeckers. I found something the woodpeckers love and that people might want to try.

    I always bought suet in those cakes they sell. However they were expensive and kind of unnatural. So I took some pieces of firewood and drilled 1" holes in them all around. Then drilled a long hole and drove a 1/2" piece of metal rod into one end. Then drilled a hole a short ways into the trunk of a tree. Then insert the rod/wood into the hole in the tree.

    Now you can buy raw suet in the grocery, but it's a little stinky to cook down inside. So I do it on the coleman stove out on the porch. But a neat way to get the suet into the holes on the wood is when it's just starting to set up, scrape it into a zip-lock freezer bag and cut off one of the bottom corners. Now you have sort of a piping bag. When you squeeze it, the suet will flow right in filling up the cracks. They love it!!! I even went so far as to put some mealworms in the suet.

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    That's a great idea. My parents have done the same thing with putting peanut butter in a hanging log for the birds. They love feeding the wild birds but hate the fact that the pigeons have discovered the free food.

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