Feeding treats on concrete?


8 Years
May 3, 2011
Bradleyville, MO
I was wondering if it is okay to feed my chickens treats on my concrete patio? I was feeding them on the lawn/ground, but I was getting some mold from what they don't eat b/c of all the rain we have had lately. Will pecking at concrete damage their beaks?
Hope not - mine regularly eat on concrete
Seriously though, I cannot imagine it would hurt them - they have great control when pecking and will for the most part pick up the scraps while barely making contact with the concrete itself.
I would love to hear more opinions about this from other experienced chicken carers (or what ever we call ourselves). I moved into a new home 2 years ago. There was an elaborate dog house with heated concrete floor outside the main pen area. We converted it to our chicken coop. We don't heat the concrete, but i use this area for my hanging feeder and water. And I have been giving them treats directly on that concrete ground since. Just recently, my husband announced that he thought it was cruel to the chickens to make them peck on the concrete. They never seems bothered by it, and I've never seen any evidence that it is hurting or damaging their beaks, but I am open to hear more opinions.
My birds peck on concrete in the barn, and in the litter on concrete in their run, with no problems. It sounds like you have a wonderful run area! You could add shavings and stuff to bed it, giving them more to dig in, as entertainment at least. Mary
I think i forgot to mention the main reason i never worried before, in addition to their coop that has plenty of litter and the huge inner run area of concrete, They can go out to the yard and range on grass all they want. That outer run area is about 30 x 30 ish... and I only have 3 chickens currently. They are super spoiled!! The big question still remains...can pecking on concrete hurt them?

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