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  1. birdlady56

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    Which way do you feed your chickens their treats, ie greens, fruit, etc. do you put it in on the ground or place it in a pan...I know they are chickens but it has been raining and even though my run has a roof over it the ground is wet and nasty. Of course I tried a pan and they made a huge mess out of it, yuck! Maybe I worry to much since i am so new, just wondering what everyone else was doing?
  2. salt and pepper

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    I scatter it on the floor, so they can scratch for it =)
  3. redsoxs

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    Jul 17, 2011
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    Almost always on the ground so more can get at it - they seem to like it better that way and then not only my aggressive ones get the treats.
  4. salt and pepper

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    for that reason as well, I have some roos, and hens that run for treats, but others are too timid to come to me
  5. birdlady56

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    Thanks, to all of you, very valid points, I guess i will place on the ground, I do try to spread it around so they all get something. However I have a Houdan who can't seem to find the treats very well, I guess it's the feathers over her face or she is an air head I haven't quite decided. I named her Rosanna Hoodana, after one of old time favorite SNL characters.
  6. salt and pepper

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    haha, I love that name =)
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    Jul 18, 2012
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    We found that the chooks like some type of holder for the veggies so they can peck off pieces. We have hung a bird suet feeder in the run occasionally for this and have made a treat holder attached to the side (picture below).


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